Research Development

ALDinHE can support you in your research development through our mentoring programme.

AldInHE provides opportunities for you to present your research at the annual conference, regional events, online webinars and ICALLD symposiums. You can publish and share your research and resources through a number of avenues within ALDinHE including posting a #Take5 blog, contributing to our newsletter, posting on our community of practice JiscMail list LDHEN, publishing on Learn Higher, publishing in our journal and sharing via social media using the hashtags #LoveLD and #StudyChat.

Post Graduate Research Interests

There are a number of interesting research topics being explored by post graduates in the field of learning development. Click here to find out more about learning development research.


ExploreLearn Higher

LearnHigher is a network for promoting and facilitating the development and dissemination of high quality, peer-reviewed resources for learning development in the higher education sector.

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