ALDinHE Research Grants 15-16

Student-Led Production and Introduction of Online Pre-lab Resources

Ciorsdaidh Watts and Beth Paschke, University of Glasgow
Student collaborators: Blair Collins, Kelly McComb, Jacqueline Reilly and Louise McGrath, University of Glasgow

In the undergraduate 3rd Year organic chemistry labs, we must enable students to master challenging practical techniques, gain confidence, and develop independent working. However, this lab introduces complex and unfamiliar techniques, and increased safety risks. As a result, some students find transition into 3rd Year a real step change. With this in mind, we have produced online pre-lab video demonstrations of the new techniques encountered in the 3rd Year. These resources will prepare students more thoroughly, increase safety awareness, and provide a more effective learning experience. We are keen for students to be co-authors of curriculum and therefore placement students have recorded, edited, and produced these videos (with staff supervision). Hence, the project has also helped placement students develop graduate attributes such as teamwork, creativity, and problem solving. 

As a part of this project, four chemistry final year students helped edit and upload pre-lab resources onto Moodle. The students have also helped the staff construct questions for a pre-lab quiz, which all 3rd year students will complete before commencing experimental work. There is also a possibility of publishing the online resources created (not only internally), e.g. using YouTube or a related medium. Pre-lab resources will be uploaded onto Moodle, using the expertise generated in collaboration with Learn Science Ltd. The resources will be piloted for the new 3rd Year organic laboratory intake in September 2016. 

Keywords: co-creation, online learning, transition, final year

For more information about the project, please contact Ciorsdaidh Watts 


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