Special Edition: Academic Peer Learning

Peer Learning in Higher Education has seen significant growth in the UK and internationally over the last decade and there have been many innovative developments of models that use higher year peers to support the academic and personal development of lower year students. These are variously referred to as PAL (Peer Assisted Learning), PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) and SI (Supplemental Instruction).

This JLDHE special edition presents an opportunity to showcase models of academic peer learning and to publish research, evolving innovative practice, case studies and proposed new methods and models.

Table of Contents


Guest Editorial PDF
Melanie Giles, Marcia Ody


The potential of peer assisted learning as a tool for facilitating social and academic integration PDF
Emmeline Byl, Katrien Struyven, Bieke Abelshausen, Pieter Meurs, Tom Vanwing, Nadine Engels, Koen Lombaerts
Institutional Management of Peer-Led Learning: A Framework for Holistic Integration PDF
Jason Eyre
Peer learning leaders: developing employability through facilitating the learning of other students PDF
Neil Ford, Charlotte Thackeray, Paul Barnes, Katharina Hendrickx
Hiding in plain sight: the ‘relationship’ in peer assisted learning in higher education PDF
Ana Garcia-Melgar, Julianne East, Noel Meyers
Speech and Language Therapy students’ experience of Peer Assisted Learning: an undergraduate dissertation project PDF
Anne Guyon, Zoe Butterfint, Andrea Lacy, Aisha Sanosi, Katie Sheridan, Jessica Unwin
Aim for success: peer-led team learning supports first-year transition to college-level mathematics PDF
Janet Liou-Mark, A.E. Dreyfess, Sandie Han, Laura Yuen-Lau, Karmen Yu
Mentoring in the Writing Café: Identity, Belonging and Ownership PDF
Christie Pritchard
From students to leaders: evaluating the impact on academic performance, satisfaction and student empowerment of a pilot PAL programme among first year students and second year leaders PDF
Stacey Scriver, Amber Walsh Olesen, Eoghan Clifford
The development and implementation of a Peer Assisted Learning programme at the University of Liverpool PDF
Gita Sedghi, Trish Lunt
Variety is the spice of mentoring life: a UK-US partnership highlights opportunities and benefits PDF
Kirk Skoglund, Luke Millard, Alisha Francis, Luke Nagle, Stuart Brand
Peer tutoring in physics: the attitudes to, and experiences of, student-tutors PDF
Peter Howard Sneddon
Enhancing PASS leaders’ employability skills through reflection PDF
Amanda Zacharopoulou, Melanie Giles, Joan Condell

Case Studies

Reflective journals as a developmental tool in PAL PDF
Carolyn Gentle, Rachel Shaw, Sophie Scott
Sustainability and innovation: a blended approach to peer mentor leader training PDF
Jason John Hettrick, Linda Moses-Allison

ISSN: 1759-667X