No 4 (2012)

Table of Contents


Editorial: interventions and boundaries in Learning Development spaces PDF
John Hilsdon, Kerry Bellamy, Andy Hagyard, Peter Hartley, Pauline Ridley, Sandra Sinfield

Opinion Pieces

Connectivity PDF
Gráinne Conole
Public feedback - but personal feedforward? PDF
John Cowan, YiChing Jean Chiu
Supporting students as learners: two questions concerning pedagogic practice PDF
Gavin Fairbairn


Online peer assessment: helping to facilitate learning through participation PDF
Jamie Cleland, Geoff Walton
Reducing academic isolation in favour of learning relationships through a virtual classroom PDF
Mike Goldrick, James O'Higgins Norman
Telling Tales: Students’ Learning Stories PDF
Jacqueline Harrett, Karen Fitzgibbon
TMI - Too Much Information: Creating Employability Skills Resources - enabling students to develop an effective interface with a client PDF
Anne Hill, Simon Spencer, Nicola Bartholomew
Plagiarism and attribution: an academic literacies approach? PDF
Anna Eva Magyar

Case Studies

Engaging conceptual learning about threshold concepts with pots and pans PDF
Yvon Appleby, Alison Barton
Dissertation Question Time: Supporting the Dissertation Project through Peer Advice PDF
Emily Claire Danvers
Engaging Blended Learning Students: An evolving approach to engaging students through the VLE PDF
Andrew Doig, Steve Hogg
Report on Postgraduate Training Event in Science Education Writing PDF
Peter Samuels, Mary Deane, Jeanne Griffin
Engaging Biological Sciences Students in the Development of Employability Skills through Creative Teaching and Peer Reviewed Action Plans PDF
Ian J Turner, Liz Day

ISSN: 1759-667X