Special Edition: Researching and Evaluating Personal Development Planning and e-Portfolio Practice

The introduction of student Personal Development Planning (PDP) was the first attempt in UK Higher Education to implement a particular framework for enhancing and capturing student learning by sector wide agreement. In order to maintain and enhance practice in ways which ensure maximum efficacy, it is now essential to deepen our understanding of its impact on the student learning experience.

National Action Research Network on Researching and Evaluating Personal Development Planning and e-Portfolio Practice is managed by Sue Burkinshaw (University of Bolton), Dr John Peters, (NTF 2001), University of Worcester, and Rob Ward, Director of Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA) drawing on the expertise and network power of the CRA.

The project brings together those at the forefront of PDP implementation across the Higher Education Sector.

It directly engages practitioners from 16 HEIs to develop and build capacity for the robust research and evaluation of PDP for students in HE.

Table of Contents


Foreword HTML PDF
John Hilsdon, Andy Hagyard
Interaction and passion in a PDP community PDF
Sue Burkinshaw


Building research capacity in a practitioner community: framing and evaluating the ‘National Action Research Network on Researching and Evaluating Personal Development Planning and e-Portfolio Practice’ PDF
John Peters
Forming communities of practice PDF
Christine Keenan, Peter Hughes, Arti Kumar
An overview of the development of Personal Development Planning (PDP) and e-Portfolio practice in UK higher education PDF
Janet Strivens, Rob Ward


What role can PDP play in identity development and confidence building in non-traditional students? PDF
Carina Buckley
Blogs and e-Portfolios: can they support reflection, evidencing and dialogue in teacher training? PDF
Simon Cotterill, Karen Lowing, Karl Cain, Rachel Lofthouse, Cheryl Mackay, Joanne McShane, David Stancliffe, David Wright
From cats to roller-coasters: creative use of posters to explore students' perceptions of PDP PDF
James Davey, Peter Lumsden
How do different models of PDP influence the embedding of e-Portfolios? PDF
Louise Frith
Situated Personal Development Planning PDF
Peter Hughes, Neil Currant, Jackie Haigh, Carol Higgison, Ruth Whitfield
Taking Concept Mapping (CM) forward with socially mediated structured approaches PDF
Maja Jankowska
Turning the NARN into an ARC at the University of Bedfordshire – some reflections and comparisons PDF
Arti Kumar
1, 2, 3 – A journey of PDP at the University of Wolverhampton PDF
Megan Lawton, Emma Purnell
Student experience with e-Portfolio: exploring the roles of trust and creativity PDF
Rachel Moule, Ethan Rhemahn
Useful or just another fad? Staff perceptions of Personal Development Planning PDF
Jo Powell
The role of the personal tutor in a curricular approach to Personal Development Planning PDF
Sue Riddell, Natalie Bates
An investigation into the undergraduate dissertation tutorial as a Personal Development Planning (PDP) process to support learner development PDF
Andrea Raiker
Evaluating a new e-PDP tool and its relationship with personal tutoring PDF
Jane Rowe
The role of Personal Development Planning (PDP) for employer sponsored students – an exploration of how PDP learning activities can support CPD and workforce development requirements PDF
Julie Savory
Evaluating an e-Portfolio implementation with early adopters using Appreciative Inquiry PDF
Elizabeth Symonds
An evaluation of the impact of e-Portfolio supported pedagogic processes on students’ reflective capacity PDF
Sarah Wilson-Medhurst, Andrew Turner

ISSN: 1759-667X