Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education

Learning Development is a field of practice concerned with how students learn and how they make sense of academic conventions. JLDHE is published by the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education (ALDinHE). For further details follow the link to the association's website The latest issue was published in June 2014.

No 7 (2014)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Andrew Doig, Amanda French, Andy Hagyard, John Hilsdon, Stephanie McKendry, Moira Maguire


Improving the quality of academic reflective writing in Nursing: a comparison of three different interventions PDF
Marion Bowman, Berni Addyman
'Distance travelled versus the ‘distance’ travelled': Enhancing the student learning experience using a creative and innovative approach to tutorial organisation PDF
Simon Peter Brownhill
Returning to Learning: What are the academic development needs of mature and part-time students? What works to support and retain these students? PDF
Louise Frith, Allia Wilson
A Phenomenological Evaluation of a Hybrid Model of Problem Based Learning for Multidisciplinary Healthcare Practitioners PDF
Catherine Hayes, Mark Davies
Implementation of a Student Learning Assistant scheme on a new higher education campus PDF
Bheshaj Kumar Ashley Hoolash, Adeelah Kodabux

Case Studies

‘A productive and happy collaboration’: maximising impact through project design. PDF
Janet Hargreaves, Susan Bond, Paul Dagg, Benji Dawson, Blake Kendrick, Mark Potter
Fostering a sense of belonging: supporting the early formation of student identity as successful learners in Higher Education PDF
Sarah Parkes


Engaging imagination: helping students become creative and reflective learners, by Alison James and Stephen D. Brookfield PDF
Carina Buckley

ISSN: 1759-667X