Learning Specialists Association of Canada (LSAC) Annual Conference

The Learning Specialists Association of Canada (LSAC) are holding their annual conference on May 17-19. For the first time, it will be completely online, which opens up the opportunity not only for ICALLD members (including ALDinHE) to attend, but potentially to present!

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While the Canadian proposal deadline is this Friday, February 5, LSAC will accept applications from ICALLD members until Friday, February 12. We realize this is still a fairly short timeline, but hopefully it keeps the door open sufficiently anyone who is interested. If nothing else, you can plan to attend the conference in May! We’re still working out the days’ schedule, but we’re aiming for shorter days to accommodate time zones and other work / priorities.

More details, including the form to submit your proposal, here: http://learningspecialists.ca/event-4124905

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ALDinHE Co-Chair

On behalf of our Canadian partners!


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