Posted: 19/01/2016
Take5 #11: What makes a great exam?
CREATING ACTIVE LEARNING IN EXAMS Inspired by October 30, 2015 iad4learnteach blog with permission from Simon Bates. In our last Take5 blog, we...
Posted: 27/10/2015
Take5 #10: What makes an excellent lecturer or teacher?
Sebastian Boo, a former LondonMet student, shares his current LSE-based research into student views of excellent teachers. Yes – they...
Posted: 28/09/2015
Take5 #9: It's Autumn 2015/16 - and we're getting creative with Chrissie Nerantzi
Welcome back to Take5 – the user-friendly staff development blog from CELT at London Metropolitan University. This autumn we are launching...
Posted: 05/05/2015
Take5: Blog#8: Digital Storytelling
The digital age is predicated on the notion of student as producer (of knowledge) – as opposed to earlier education...
Posted: 02/03/2015
Take5 – Post7: It’s March – coming in like a lion: designing new assessments and classes!
What do you do when designing a new course or developing a new assessment or assignment? How do you check...
Posted: 11/02/2015
Take5_Post6: Are you frustrated with education only for employment?
In our last post we suggested that you had a look at Hybrid Pedagogy’s #moocmooc on Critical Pedagogy. This week...
Posted: 19/01/2015
Take5 #5: on critical pedagogy, MOOCMOOC & 19/01/15
In UKHE a significant aspect of the work of central Educational and Learning Developers is to help university staff develop...
Posted: 25/11/2014
Take5#4: Tackling Academic Reading
So – there we were W7 – and there they were, 63 first years, giving Poster Presentations to an audience...
Posted: 17/11/2014
#Take5 #3: World building
The apocalypse is over – we struggle out of our bunkers into the forlorn landscape. All is dust, rubble, destruction...
Posted: 17/11/2014
Take5: It’s week two, I’m on my knees – but here’s a post on Inquiry Based Learning!
Last week we met our new students – typically faced with lecture theatres full of unknown faces – exuding anxiety...
Posted: 17/11/2014
Week Zero - And so it begins!!
Welcome to Take5! So – it’s Week Zero (W0): another day another dollar; another Semester and another Year.  Change is all...
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