Posted: 03/10/2017
#Take5 #23: The best way to start the new academic year? It's meditation, Jim...
The Meditation Project – Kent We decided to start the new...
Posted: 05/07/2017
#Take5 #22: The best way to make PhD Students write?
The Thesis Boot Camp Thank you to Heather Campbell for this #Take5 post Take twenty-six PhD students, keep them in a room...
Posted: 23/05/2017
#Take5 #21: The best way to develop presentation skills?
This #Take5 blog has been written by Lynne Crook and captures the essence of her excellent interactive session delivered in...
Posted: 24/04/2017
#Take5 #20 The Best Way to Manage OUR Writing?
Managing academic writing: how managerialism puts pressure on academics’ writing practices By Sharon McCulloch of the Department of Linguistics and English...
Posted: 04/04/2017
#Take5 #19: Learning Development - the best values?
For this #Take5 we have we have invited Helen Webster from Newcastle University to blog about Learning Development values. This...
Posted: 28/03/2017
#Take5: 18: The best way to tackle plagiarism?
Turn-it-off:  Making use of ubiquitous plagiarism to facilitate academic skills Liam Greenslade  While asking why writers plagiarize might seem to be...
Posted: 11/01/2017
Take5 #17 - #creativeHE 16-20 January – Join in if you dare!!
*** STOP PRESS: #creativeHE new run: 16-20 Jan!! *** A new version of #creativeHE with a focus on creativity, play, narrative...
Posted: 29/11/2016
Take5 #16 How to enjoy being an academic: Collegiality as Positive Practice
Sandra Abegglen, Tom Burns & Sandra Sinfield This #Take5 blog focusses on three academics working collaboratively in their learning, teaching and...
Posted: 04/10/2016
#Take5 No.15: The Best Teaching and Learning Conversations
TLC: The Best Teaching and Learning Conversations Happy new academic year! This year, #Take5 is celebrating MMU’s Teaching and Learning...
Posted: 18/05/2016
#Take5 #14: The best way to SLOW down and focus?
Close your eyes and relax… Sam Aston...
Posted: 18/04/2016
Take5 #13: The best way of being creative?
To coincide with a week-long run of #creativeHE facilitated by Norman Jackson –  16-22 April 2016 – we are posting...
Posted: 22/02/2016
Take5 #12: The best way of supporting student research?
Generating Research Conversation with “The Wheel” Terry Elliot, Western Kentucky University Writing Project, February 2016 I have a semester-long research “thing” that...
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