9th ALDinHE Conference - University of Leeds
2-4 April 2012

Workshops and presentation resources

Below are details of all keynotes, workshops and paper presentation from the conference. Where available, there are links to presentation slides and any other relevant resources

Keynotes | Pre-conference workshops | Parallel sessions

Keynote Presentations

Helen Beetham: "Strange encounters: academic learning and digital know-how"
Online presentation | Download PDF version (PDF - 4866 KB)

Paul Andrews: "Digital Development : A Multifaceted Approach"
Online presentation | Paul's elearning blog

Grainne Conole *: "New ecologies of learning: design, digital literacies, spaces and metaphors"
Online presentation (includes audio)

* Although unable to attend the conference, Grainne Conole has kindly produced an online version of the talk she would have given

Pre-conference workshops

Trevor Day: Generic graduate attributes and writing development: how do they fit together? (Experiences and views of members of an HE STEM project)
Workshop outline | Workshop Poster (PDF - 343 KB)

Lyndsey Muir & Carl Sykes: How to use Google Sites to create a professional e-portfolio
Workshop outline | Online Presentation

Jade Kelsall & Michelle Schneider: Webinar on how to use screen capture software to create e-learning resources
Workshop outline

Eddie Naylor & David Bowers: How to create and use QR codes - hands-on session
Workshop outline

Kim Shahabudin: LearnHigher Network Meeting
Workshop outline

Anna Seabourne: Manage your information social life using Mendeley
Workshop outline | Presentation (ppt - 4678 KB) | Mendeley Fact Sheet (PDF) | ALDinHE group on Mendeley

Eddie Naylor: How to enhance PowerPoint presentations with animation and interactivity - hands-on session
Workshop outline

Chris Keenan: Get down to writing for publication
Workshop outline

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Parallel Sessions 1:

1.1 Andrew Doig: Enabling digital literacy for mature distance learners
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 16 KB)

1.2 Helen Howard and Michelle Schneider: Don't reinvent the wheel: resources to support the teaching of academic skills across the curriculum
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 2664 KB)

1.3a Steve Briggs, Nick Collis and Nigel Upton: Customisable online academic skills self-assessment: development and initial feedback
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 626 KB)

1.3b Steve Hogg: Emerging learning spaces in the physical and virtual university
View abstract

1.4a Caroline Cash & John Sumpter: Intuitive resources: "It's like having you at home helping us"
View abstract | Presentation (PDF - 2800 KB)

1.4b Nigel Medhurst: Engaging communities through animation: an action research study exploring creative visual practice
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 13661 KB)

1.5a Sue Watling: Embedding OER Practice
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 480 KB)

1.5b Trevor Day: Bridging the academic culture gap between school/college and university: how and when can online support best help?
View abstract

Parallel Sessions 2:

2.1 Brian Whalley: Integrating Personal Learning Environments, Learning Spaces and Personal Knowledge Systems for 21st Century Graduates
View abstract

2.2 Florence Dujardin: Using blogs to support reflection on professional practice
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 1907 KB)

2.3a Bryony Ramsden: Learning spaces in academic libraries: research and assessment methods
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 14935 KB) | References (DOC - 150 KB)

2.3b Martin Sedgley & Amy Allhouse: Online learning development induction for new MBA Distance Learning students
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 1673 KB)

2.4a Tessa Owens & Nicholas Almond: Pushing the tablets: a community of users speaks
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 6815 KB)

2.4b Rebecca Rochon & John Knight: Using technology to afford effective transition to higher education
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 3238 KB)

2.5a Sonia Hood & Debra Lamont: Engaging students in learning development prior to arrival
View abstract | Presentation (PDF - 9890 KB)

2.5b Joanne Smailes, Emma Lejk, Wendy Beutyman & Jenna Tudor: “Learning the ropes” through a new approach to mentoring
View abstract

Parallel Sessions 3:

3.1 Amanda Pocklington, Michelle Reid & Kim Shahabudin: Going Digital
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 1073 KB)

3.2 Pat Hill & Amanda Tinker: Capturing the student experience: sharing examples of using technology to embed learning development within the curriculum
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 738 KB)

3.3 Maggie Carson: Flying blind: from expert to novice...and back?
View abstract |

3.4a Marta Ulanicka, Steve Rooney & Zoe Enstone: PAL leaders as decision makers: physical versus virtual learning spaces
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 6079 KB)

3.4b Caroline Marcangelo & Simon Allan: Personal Odysseys: safely navigating professional development in a distributed learning community
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 1228 KB)

3.5 Six consecutive 'lightning' talks with subsequent discussion

3.5.1 Mark Illman: Raising awareness of the study support needs of international students
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 6055 KB)
3.5.2 Carol Edwards:The potential power of the question within the digital future
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 830 KB)
3.5.3 Verity Aiken: Dissertation Club: a concept for collaborative cross-subject support for dissertation students
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 4410 KB)
3.5.4 Elizabeth Gaston: Re-formative: assessing the value of digitally recorded formative feedback
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 879 KB)
3.5.5 Roger Hewitt: PowerPoint Karaoke
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 190 KB)

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Parallel Sessions 4:

4 .1 Emma Coonan, Helen Webster, Jane Secker & Kathy Wrathall: A new curriculum for information literacy: strategies for implementation
View abstract

4 .2 Sam Bamkin & Jason Eyre: Do we still need to see students at induction? The complementary roles of online and face-to-face learning in the context of transition to higher education
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 6739 KB) | Induction Slides - DMU (PPT - 5961 KB)

4 .3a Sue Myer & Denise Turner: Changing perceptions of self help in a digital world: producing holistic guides
View abstract

4 .3b Rebecca Dearden & Dragos-Ioan Cioban: Renegotiating learning spaces: use of Adobe Acrobat Connect pro and LiveScribe smart pens to enhance reflection and use of peer feedback
View abstract

4 .4a Emma Bond & Tim Goodchild: An ecological approach to enhance quality in technology enhanced learning
View abstract

4 .4b Katharine Reedy: Learning design for information literacy: impact of the OU Learning Design Initiative project on skills integration into OU courses
View abstract

4 .5a Stevie Farrell: Challenging assumptions about IT skills in HE
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 1998 KB) | Draft Paper (PDF - 223 KB)

4 .5b Stephanie McKendry & Lina Petrakieva: All of your learning needs in one handy location? Embedding learning development centres as a hub for academic and digital literacies - pros and cons
View abstract

Parallel Sessions 5:

5.1 Chris Ireland & Abdul Jabbar: Exploring mobile technology in the classroom
View abstract

5.2 Catherine McConnell & Lucy Chilvers: Embedding study skills in the curriculum: approaches, models and strategies
View abstract

5.3a Carol Elston & Jade Kelsall: Off to a flying start
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 2812 KB)

5.3b Emily Danvers & Courtney Hopf: An online "Headstart" - supporting transition in the digital age
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 3862 KB)

5.4a Marion Bowman: Managing face-to-face provision in a digital age
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 1270 KB)

5.4b Larissa Bdzola & Julia Braham: Using a collaborative wiki to develop management students' critical thinking and academic information literacy
View abstract

5.5a Carina Buckley: From the conceptual to the concrete: using Lego to construct students' understanding of referencing
View abstract

5.5b Peter Stanners: Referencing and technology: student perceptions
View abstract

Parallel Sessions 6:

6.1 Debbie Holley, Claire Bradley & Lyn Greaves: Use and re-use: the Anytime Literacies Learning Environment (ALLE)
View abstract

6.2a David Bowers: IMPRESS: Aiding transition into HE through highly specified on-entry skills support
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 1337 KB)

6.2b Louise Frith & Daniel Clark
Practising what we preach: using an e-portfolio to create a staff community of PDP practice
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 1536 KB)

6.3a Joe Nicholls & Joy Head: Project Digidol: Developing digital literacy
View abstract | Online presentation

6.3b Ibrar Bhatt: The classroom as a nexus of contexts in digital literacy research
View abstract

6.4a Adrian Crew & Penny Mitchell: Use of online video conferencing to allow analytical chemistry students to pitch their projects to a dragon's den of regional employers
View abstract

6.4b Chris McMillan: Critical thinking in an age of employability
View abstract

6.5a Camilla Goodman, Jean Hatton, Jane Mullen & Aimee Westmorland: Scaffolding and supporting virtual communities
View abstract | Presentation (PPT - 1794 KB)

6.5b Neil Ford: Facing the future: the changing shape of academic support at Bournemouth university
View abstract

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