Written feedback on academic writing; what makes it more or less effective, the mediating role of the LDT

Separately, I am interested in the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of written feedback on academic writing, especially at Level 4 as students transition into university. I used work from Academic Literacies, e.g. Ivanic, Clark and Rimmershaw’s (2000, chapter in Lea and Stierer, 2000) as a basis to look critically at how feedback comments and their means of expression may encode/transmit ‘hidden’ messages to students. This created research interests in how the language used can situate feedback, and academic practices more generally, on a continuum between appearing positivist/dictated, to promoting apprentice community inclusion.

This was delivered as a workshop at the ALDinHE 2019 conference, slides available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kmPgBSLoTxiUQ0HhW1HEoPEnr6zgR4zW.

Future interests in this area would be to look at factors/qualities which promote or hinder students’ engagement with feedback, why, and how this changes at different levels/stages of university.

Researcher: Ian Johnson

Contact: ian.johnson@port.ac.uk


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