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ALDinHE is the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education. Learning Developers share a common desire to empower students in their learning through helping them make sense of academic practices within higher education and supporting them to acquire the generic underpinning skills for the environments in which they are working. Informed by these values of empowerment and partnership, a Learning Development perspective encourages and supports all students to be actively engaged in their own learning and to analyse and assess their own development within experiential and social contexts.

As a professional body, ALDinHE has national and international standing. We represent our members’ views in response to Government and other agency initiatives, for example by contributing to the revised HEA UK Professional Standards Framework and to the enhancement of Access Agreements. ALDinHE is also a member of the Higher Education Academy Supporting Academic Staff Reference Group on Academic Development.

The work of our Association is growing in strength. The LDHEN network continues to thrive, with members sharing ideas and supporting each other in many ways. Through our Professional Development group we are growing talent and capacity in our learning development community. LearnHigher's award winning online learning resources are free to share and use. Our peer reviewed on-line Journal exemplifies our scholarly approach to learning development. We have a Research and Development group that engages in research into student learning and use of online materials, while developing a research and evidence informed base for development of learning materials. Our Annual Conference provides the opportunity for our membership to promote, debate and evaluate work that is currently underway and continues to rate as one of the most friendly conferences in the sector, with members valuing this opportunity for a regular gathering with like-minded professionals.

          Steve and Carina As Chairs of ALDinHE, one of our aims is to encourage more of our membership to become actively engaged in the work we do. We welcome new members to join our various working groups – please contact us for more information.

Steve Briggs/ Carina Buckley
Co-Chairs of ALDinHE

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