Revisiting Student Engagement: an analysis of students’ motivations for seeking individual learning development support

20 May 2020 - 20 May 2020

Presenter(s): Arina Cirstea

Slides from the session: Click this link to download the slides from this session


What motivates students to seek Learning Development support-what sort of issues, behavioural, emotional or cognitive? In this session, the presenter will share the preliminary findings from a dual-focused analysis of data extracted from anonymised tutorial booking forms. Firstly, thematic analysis was used to identify key areas of learning that determined students to engage in support seeking. Secondly, a critical discourse analysis framework adapted from Goodfellow (2005) was used to tease out the relationships between (1) students’ communication of their own identities as learners, (2) their positioning within academic networks and power structures (3) their engagement with academic literacies and knowledge systems. Participants will be invited to consider these findings from the perspective of their own research or teaching experience, as well as discuss the potential implications, of a theoretical as well as empirical nature. These may include, for example, opportunities to use these lessons from the student voice to boost engagement with diverse learning opportunities, from one-to-one tutorials to independent study resources.


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