LD@3: Librarians’ Development as Teachers

14 May 2020 - 14 May 2020

Presenter(s): Andrea Baer

Session recording: View recording

Slides for the session: Click this link to download the slides for this session


With shifts in understandings of information literacy, librarians are developing new views of and approaches to teaching and learning. However, most librarians still receive limited formal education or experience prior to beginning their librarian careers and grow their pedagogical knowledge and experience primarily on the job. While library literature on librarians’ professional and teaching identities is providing a better understanding of librarian’s instructional work and of approaches to librarian teacher development, little research has been done on how librarians’ views of and approaches to teaching change over time. Looking to address this gap in research, the presenter will share the preliminary findings of a recent research study about librarians’ development as teachers and their perceptions of their instructional roles.


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