LD@3: Enhancing Public Speaking Skills Using Improvisation Techniques

30 Apr 2020 - 30 Apr 2020

Presenter(s): Jessica Napthine-Hodgkinson and Nicola Grayson

Session recording: View recording

Slides from the session: Click this link to download the slides from this session


Anxiety around public speaking is well-documented. At the University of Manchester Library, we have been using improvisation techniques to equip students and staff with innovative ways to build confidence in this area. This session will demonstrate activities using techniques to enhance public speaking skills to give a snapshot into the support we offer as part of our My Research Essentials (MRE) programme, give a brief overview of the MRE programme, and share data to demonstrate the popularity of this session. We will define some of the issues around public speaking in order to illustrate how improvisation provides a creative and fun way to address this topic by helping individuals to devise strategies to cope with the anxiety associated with this task.


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