LD@3: Building a Program of Inclusive Practice

15 May 2020 - 15 May 2020

Presenter(s): Karen Sobel and Zachary Newell

Session recording: View recording

Slides from the session: Click this link to download the slides from this session


In this workshop, we will discuss strategies for understanding issues around equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the library, and ways of empowering academic librarians to incorporate critical pedagogies into their daily practice.  We will also present an overview of theory around critical pedagogy and inclusion to help those around us better understand the contested space of inequality – for example, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

We will then work with participants to establish, understand, and apply competencies they work to support EDI-related needs in the library. Such competencies will be established around understanding the formal theories behind diversity and inclusion (theoretical); developing strategies for seeking appropriate resources (professional); having a set of skills, guidelines that help respond to patron’s related needs (creative/constructive). Participants will leave with both a stronger understanding of theory supporting EDI-related work and strategies for using these to support EDI in their libraries.  


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