LD@3: Back to the future for The Writing Café

29 Apr 2020 - 29 Apr 2020

Presenter(s): Christie Pritchard

Session recording: View recording


At the 2014 ALDinHE conference I introduced the Learning Development community to the Writing Café at the University of Plymouth, a new, interdisciplinary and developmental space that aimed to change the pedagogy of writing development in the Ocean City. Five years on and the Writing Café has become part of the fabric of the university, with Writing Mentors and Learning Developers working together to learn, develop, challenge and change the practices of the institution (Pritchard, 2015). However, changes are afoot…

….The building that it is located in is set for demolition in May 2020!!

So, I need to go back to the future, where everything old is new again. Step into the DeLorean with me and question what really matters, what makes the Writing Café the Writing Café!


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