Can You Teach Research in 10 Minutes? Embedding Information Literacy micro-sessions in module programmes

18 May 2020 - 18 May 2020

Presenter(s): Rachael Hunter

Session recording: View recording

Slides from the session: Click this link to download the slides from this session


The aim of this short presentation is to discuss the inception and continued delivery of micro research skills sessions within two entrepreneurship modules at Coventry University London. Starting with how and why the project was developed, its rationale is underpinned by established, current bite-sized learning research from Gutierrez Trejos, 2016; Mella, 2016; Alqurashi, 2017; Melvin, 2017; Chuang 2019; and Buhu and Buhu 2019. It describes how these practices are used in the workplace to promote continuous professional development and disseminate company information for training purposes. Discussing both the delivery and skills content, it will explain the methods used in each ten minute session to engage students and embed database searching skills in to their routine study practices. It will also explain how this practice has been adopted by students and how the skills have been embedded in the final business pitches at the end of their modules. The presentation may be useful for delegates wishing to work with faculties to incorporate and facilitate information literacy practice and its continuous development to students in their own institutions.


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