Dr Alicja Syska

Award: CeLP (2019)


Alicja is a Learning Development Advisor for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business at the University of Plymouth, where she also teaches in History. She serves as Co-Lead Editor at the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. She has a Ph.D. in American Studies from Saint Louis University, USA, is a Senior Fellow of Advance HE, an ALDinHE Certified Leading Practitioner, and an SI/PASS supervisor. Her research interests include using visual methods in teaching, building student confidence in writing, and academic writing within disciplines, especially the humanities.

How can I support Learning Developers?

How I can support Learning Developers: As an editor, I would be happy to support aspiring authors in the publishing process. In addition, I have a lot of experience and interest in creating workshops and teaching materials, delivering one-to-one work, course design, assessment, and giving feedback. As a hybrid academic I have a unique insight into working practices and student partnerships, which I would be also keen to share.

Subject categories I advise on: Academic Literacy (Reading and Writing), Assessment, Feedback and Course Design, Peer Assisted Learning and Mentoring, Study Skills, Visual Literacy and Presentation Skills

Contact: alicja.syska@plymouth.ac.uk

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