Conference 2019 Programme

Please note this programme is provisional and subject to some changes.

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Monday 15th April 2019

12.00 Registration
12.15 – 13.15 Lunch
ALDinHE Workshops
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13.15 – 14.45 Research Funding & Scholarship of Learning Development
Dr Maria Kukhareva & Dr Carina Buckley (Research & Development Working Group)
A Network to Explore Leadership & Management within Learning Development
Tim Hinchcliffe, Sonia Hood (Communications & Membership Working Group)
The LearnHigher Resource Swap Shop
Jennie Dettmer (LearnHigher Working Group)
15.00 – 16.00 ALDinHE Professional Recognition Scheme (CeP/CeLP)
Steve Briggs, Katherine Koulle; Adam Carter (Professional Development Working Group)
Writing for the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education
John Hilsdon (Journal Editor)
Facilitating Learning Development Workshops
Helen Webster (Professional Development Working Group Co-Chair)
Social Activities
18.00 – late Historic pub tour
Self-guided walk

Tuesday 16th April 2019

09.00 – 09.30 Registration, refreshments
09.30 – 09.40 Welcome to University of Exeter Professor Timothy Quine, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
09.40 – 10.10 Welcome and Introduction to the Conference
Carina Buckley & Steve Briggs, ALDinHE Co-Chairs
10.10 – 11.10 Keynote: Dr Liz Morrish ‘Pressure vessels: The epidemic of poor mental health among academics.’


PARALLEL SESSIONS 1: 11.15 – 12.15
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Option First Paper (11.15 – 11.45) Second Paper (11.45 – 12.15)
1 Role of the learning environment in influencing the academic confidence of post-registration healthcare professionals

Barbara Nicolls, Buckinghamshire New University

Online Dissertation and Projects Supervision Materials: A Review

Simon Lambe; David Dixon, London South Bank University

2 Bridging the gap: indirect benefits of a formative assignment and programme of academic skills webinars for block-release Degree Apprenticeship students

Neil Crimes, Manchester Metropolitan University

Growing pains:  challenges of scaling up student support – a case study at LSE

Helen Amelia Green; Gemma Stansfield, London School of Economics and Political Science

3 The Dissertation Journey: Thinking Out Loud

Dr Gina Fox, University of Leicester

Reaching the hard to reach: a paper presentation exploring issues around student engagement

Beverley Hancock-Smith, De Montfort University

4 Do too many cooks spoil the broth? Developing a University-wide Online Academic Integrity Module

Bryony Parsons, University of Liverpool

Redefining induction through project-based learning and the student voice

Sandra Craig, University of Roehampton

  Workshops (1 hour)
5 Through the MLE looking glass

Sam Aston; John Hynes, University of Manchester Library

6 Towards a ‘Learner Development Literacies’ Framework

Heather Barker; Rachel Stead; Robert Walsha; Nadya Yakovchuk, University of Surrey

7 Living the Argument

Mark Laville, Falmouth University; Gareth Price, FX Plus


12.15 – 13.15 Lunch
12.45 – 13.15 Display of posters, talk with presenters
13.15 – 13.50 ALDinHE Annual General Meeting


PARALLEL SESSIONS 2: 14.00 – 15.00
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Option First Paper (14.00 – 14.30) Second Paper (14.30 – 15.00)
1 Supporting staff to build a pedagogic foundation for successful relational e-learning

Dr Hazel Partington; Dr Jean Duckworth; Dr Dawne Gurbutt, University of Central Lancashire

Protectionism or preservation? Getting to know more about English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and Academic Literacies, and the overlap with Learning Development

Anika Easy; Madeleine Mossman, University of Leeds; Steve Briggs, University of Bedfordshire

2 Understanding, Awareness and Impact of Learning Development (working title)

Kate Coulson; Paul Rice, University of Northampton

Using Talis Elevate to understand and grow student interaction with online resources

Jasper Shotts, University of Lincoln; Matt East, Talis

3 The Digital Innovation Partnership: A model for learning developers to engage with academic staff in support of student learning

Mark van der Enden; Alexandra Patel, University of Leicester

Assessing the impact of writing development through consensus –whose consensus?

Ursula Canton, Glasgow Caledonian University

  Workshops (1 hour)
4 The hidden messages in written feedback – what can Learning Developers do with ‘troublesome’ knowledge?

Ian Johnson, University of Portsmouth

5 Therapeutic writing in Learning Development sessions

Emma Kimberley, University of Northampton

6 Contract cheating in higher education: Results from a large Australian study

Rowena Harper, University of South Australia

7 How can I make a difference?  Exploring ways to make an impact on curriculum design

Dr Amanda Tinker, Dr Katherine Greenhough and Dr Pat Hill, University of Huddersfield


15.00 – 15.30 Refreshments


PARALLEL SESSIONS 3: 15.30 – 16.30
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Option First Paper (15.30 – 16.00) Second Paper (16.00 – 16.30)
1 “No individual can win a game by himself”: Collaborative development and delivery of academic skills at Leeds Beckett University

Laura Ettenfield, Leeds Beckett University

I believe I can write: the impact of writing workshops on self-efficacy beliefs and implications for future practice

Sonia Hood, University of Reading

2 ICALLD project: Evaluating learning development, academic language and learning advising services

Steve Briggs; Jacqueline Hamilton; Xiaodan Gao; Andrea Lynch, University of Bedfordshire

Students as partners and enablers in Learning Development: Reflections on two recent partnership projects at the University of Surrey

Rachel Stead; Julie Lowe; Chidera Ude; Avgi Pourgoura, University of Surrey

3 “Healthy pressure from peers”: The value of providing structured writing retreats for undergraduates

Dr Christopher Little, Keele University

How to produce videos with students as co-creators

Karin Johnstone, University of Northampton

4 ‘Zombie Attacks’: A Gateway Activity for Group Work Skills for Undergraduate Engineers – Richard Bond, Brunel University London


Lightning talks:

The effectiveness of 1-1 maths support for students making the transition to higher education – Dr Khalid Khan, University of Central Lancashire

Structured Writing Retreats for Postgraduate Students – Katherine Koulle, UCL Institute of Education

Better Together: A reflection on cross-institutional working in Learning Development – Bev Hancock-Smith, De Montfort University

  Workshops (1 hour)
5 How do you form and maintain your professional identity within a profession that is not fully understood?

Carina Buckley, Solent University

Louise Frith, University of Kent

6 Designing slides using learning and design theory to maximise learning and engage students

Jacqui Bartram, University of Hull

7 Exploring possibilities for the ‘critical’ in Learning Development practice and theory; critical academic literacies?

Gordon Asher, Independent


19.00 – late Conference Dinner – Reed Hall


Wednesday 17th April 2019

08.45 – 09.15 Registration, refreshments
09.15 – 09.30 Welcome and Introduction Carina Buckley & Steve Briggs, ALDinHE Co-Chairs
09.30 – 10.30 Keynote: Professor Shȃn Wareing

Learning development and student narratives


PARALLEL SESSIONS 4: 10.45 – 11.45
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Option First Paper (10.45 – 11.15) Second Paper (11:15 – 11.45)
1 Understanding perfectionism in students: Hercules’ Muscles or Achilles Heel?

Jane McKay; Kim Williams, Glasgow Caledonian University


‘Active Interactions’: redefining student engagement with one-to-one provision

Heather Barker; Julie Lowe; Robert Walsha, University of Surrey

2 Building postgraduate students’ critical dissertation writing skills and confidence

Melanie Crisfield, Brunel University London

A United Front: evaluating the benefits of a collaborative approach to planning and delivering academic practices within the curriculum.

Clare Foster; Angela Rhead; Jane Shaw, Keele University

3 Can ‘big data’ tools create efficient, insightful qualitative research on a Learning Development service?

Alison Loddick; Sam King, University of Northampton

Developing student writing in higher education: digital third-party products in distributed learning environments

Rowena Harper, University of South Australia

  Workshops (1 hour)
4 From assessment of learning to assessment for learning; Leading assessment policy change supported by an Assessment & Feedback Toolkit.

Anne Quinney, Ann Luce; Debbie Holley, Bournemouth University.

5 Teaching Creative Thinking in HE

Ben Martin, Swansea University

6 Undergraduate research as a space for co-creation

Kirsty Hemsworth, Sheffield Hallam University


PARALLEL SESSIONS 5: 12.00 – 13.00
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Option First Paper (12.00 – 12.30) Second Paper (12:30 – 13.00)
1 Exploring students’ unlearning development, during transitions into and through higher education

Karen Gravett, University of Surrey


2 Inclusive Webinar Design and Delivery

Jennie Dettmer, University of Bedfordshire

Knowing our worth: measuring the impact of skills support on student attainment

Jennie Blake; Dr. Nicola Grayson, University of Manchester

3 Fostering engagement in research beyond assessments and the curriculum via an undergraduate research conference

Dr Christopher Little, Keele University

The Five Ps of LD: Using Formulation in One to One Work

Helen Webster, Newcastle University

4 What is the value and impact for students following the completion of the pre-entry module Stepping Up to Edge Hill University?

Helen Jamieson; Julie Nolan, Edge Hill University

Dreams can come true? Embedded learner support across all Undergraduate courses

Kate Swinton and Kate Coulson, University of Northampton


  Workshops (1 hour)
5 Learning developers as leaders: movers and shakers who dance across fault-lines

Nel Boswood, Lancaster University

Sandie Donnelly, University of Cumbria

6 Can we afford to indulge in theory? Can we afford not to?

Sunny Dhillon, University of Leeds; Stephen Rooney, University of Leicester

7 A literal escape room: escaping from didactic workshops

Alexandra Patel; Mark Van Der Enden, University of Leicester


13.00 – 14.00 Lunch
13.30 – 14.00 Display of posters, talk with presenters


PARALLEL SESSIONS 6: 14.00 – 15.00
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Option First Paper (14.00 – 14.30) Second Paper (14:30 – 15.00)
1 Putting Theory Into Practice: Learning Developers and Dissertation Supervision

Andrew Struan; Jennifer Boyle, University of Glasgow

Referencing: style over substance?

Catherine Turton, Solent University


2 Developing postgraduate academic identities and digital skills through SPOCs

Lee Fallin, University of Hull


The LDHEN hive mind: Learning development in UK higher education as a professional culture.

Katharine Stapleford, University of Leeds

3 Better together? Reflections on a collaboration with a student as researcher

Sue Myer, Teesside University

Evaluating the academic impact of peer-supported learning

Amanda Pocklington, University of Exeter


  Workshops (1 hour)
4 Dismantling ivory towers – overcoming barriers in using archives for students’ research

Janet Morton, University of Leeds

5 ‘The manager who despised quick wins’ and other stories: using parables to cultivate critique

Stephen Rooney, University of Leicester

6 Creating an academic literacy framework

Rosella D’Alesio; Ben Martin, Swansea University

7 Learning Advising: forces shaping our work, and the opportunities they offer

Rowena Harper, University of South Australia


15.10 – 15.30 Conference closing session
15.30 – Close Sparkling wine & refreshments



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