Annual General Meeting 2019

Date: Tuesday 16 April 2019

Time: 13.15

Venue: University of Exeter


Documents provided online in advance of the AGM and at the meeting itself.

This meeting shall be quorate if attended by 15 members.
1) ALDinHE AGM minutes 27 March 2018
2) Matters arising
3) Co-Chairs report
4) Secretary’s report
5) Treasurer’s Report
6) * Report from Professional Development Working Group
7) * Report from Membership and Communications Working Group

8) * Report from the Research and Development Working Group
9) * Report from LearnHigher Working Group

10) * Report from Conference Working Group

11) * Report from Journal Working Group

12) Confirmation of Steering Group membership for 2019/20

Click here to view the Steering Group 2019-20 self-nomination forms

  1. Amanda Pocklington
  2. Carina Buckley
  3. Debbie Holley
  4. Ella Turner
  5. Helen Webster
  6. Jacqui Bartram
  7. Kate Coulson
  8. Katharine Stapleford
  9. Katherine Koulle
  10. Maria Kukhareva
  11. Melanie Crisfield
  12. Pamela Thomas
  13. Sandra Sinfield
  14. Steve Briggs
  15. Zeynab Suka Bill

13) Any Other Business

(*) Starred items will be received and acknowledged, but not discussed. Questions relating to the work of the Working Groups may be sent before or after the AGM to the Association’s secretary:


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