Adam Devine

Award: CeP (2020)


As an Academic Skills Advisor, I interact with a diverse audience to facilitate learning in academic skills. I have previously worked at as a Sociology lecturer and coordinated an institutional peer support scheme.

Currently, I facilitate sessions such as:

  • Individual appointments (in person/Skype) for SpLD and academic literacy.
  • In course study and academic skills sessions
  • Functional Skills.
  • General skills workshops (L3 – L7).
  • Creative thinking sessions.
  • Peer support training and supervision.

My role also has managerial responsibility for the Study Skills and Peer Assisted Student Success (PASS) coordinator.

How can I support Learning Developers

I have experience in working with widening participation students and those studying apprenticeship degrees. Typical approaches may not be effective but I can share my team’s perspective and approach to supporting our learners. I can support fellow LDers in curating learning development interactions for learners with limited experience in academic literacy and placements students. I also have extensive experience in creating and coordinating peer support schemes (both pastoral and peer assisted learning). I am currently coordinating an online induction academic literacies programme which I’d be happy to discuss with peers.

Subject categories I advise on: Inclusivity and Differentiation , Peer Assisted Learning and Mentoring, Playful and Creative Learning, Visual Literacy and Presentation Skills, Widening Participation


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