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Since the 1990s there has been growing interest in issues relating to how students experience learning in the rapidly expanding higher education sector. The prolific sharing of ideas in the relatively informal online environment of LDHEN and the establishment of annual conferences on learning development in the UK provided raw materials for a wealth of theoretical and research-based writing suitable for an academic publication. The Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education (JLDHE) therefore began life in 2008. JLDHE is an online, peer-reviewed journal published annually which aims to provide an outlet for, and to support research and other scholarly work by those interested in student learning in HE. Along with the association, ALDinHE, the journal serves to underpin the establishment of LD as a field of professional practice, and as a distinct approach to higher education. This approach is based on a view of successful learning as being rooted in students’ legitimate, supported participation in academic practice; and the value of the widest possible access to HE.

There have been nine standard editions of the JLDHE so far and issue ten is due to be published in late 2016. In addition to these regular issues, four special editions of the JLDHE have been produced. The first was published in 2010 on Personal Development Planning, in association with a National Teaching Fellowship Scheme project, the National Action Research Network researching and evaluating personal development planning and e-portfolio practice. The second special edition was published in November 2012 on the development of skills for writing in the STEM disciplines.  The third special edition in 2014 dealt with digital technologies in Learning Development. In 2015 and 2016, a 2-part special edition on Academic Peer Learning was published

Our aim is to support the production of high quality, research-informed writing in the field of learning development, and to provide a scholarly resource for developers, teachers, researchers and others working in the field. You can register your interest in the journal as a reader, reviewer and/or writer by going to We welcome the submission of drafts and proposals for papers at any time.

JLDHE is published online using Open Journal Systems and is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (see It is also included in the Society for Research into Higher Education publications: Research into Higher Education Abstracts and Educational Research Abstracts. JLDHE is also in the index of British education journals, the BEI.


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